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Organisation Finances

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While the 2022-23 reporting year brought many challenges, there was also much to celebrate.

A huge thank you to the many individuals, funding partners and organisations who helped us achieve so much in this uniquely challenging year. With your support, we’ve worked alongside communities to tackle the impact of climate change while improving health, revitalising businesses and unlocking access to green energy. Thank you.

In 2022-23

We raised £27.0 million, spent £26.4 million on our work and
91p out of every £1 was spent on our charitable activities around the world.

Income and Expenditure

Total annual income finances chart.
Total finances dedicated to charitable activities.
A pie chart visualizing the percentage of donations from blacklisted companies in terms of finances.
A pie chart illustrating the allocation of finances and governance.

* Figures calculated in line with Charity Commission norms. Expenditure on charitable activities includes governance.


Practical Action is committed to the highest levels of transparency and accountability. Visit our Policies page for more information.

Annual Report

For nearly six decades, Practical Action has worked alongside communities on the frontline of poverty and the climate crisis. Together with our global network of partners and supporters, we’ve tackled some of the world’s most pressing challenges. From transforming arid lands into fertile farms to converting waste into energy.

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