Wish List

Because big change starts small, Practical Presents has evolved into the Wish List, where you can help solve the world’s toughest problems, while meeting your shopping needs.  The Wish List features 10 e-gifts, which showcase the ingenious ways that people are transforming their lives, together with Practical Action.

So green-fingered gardener, fussy foodie, environmental activist, whoever is on your list, we’ve got the perfect present. Your loved one receives a special Practical Action e-certificate describing an aspect of our innovative work, and you get the glow of knowing you’re helping fuel solutions to poverty that will last for years to come.

The Energiser

The Energiser

Lights up futures, connects children to the curriculum, creates successful entrepreneurs and powers progress.

Give the gift of energy

The Protector

Turns risk and insecurity into peace of mind, saves lives, livelihoods, homes and belongings and makes vulnerable communities strong and resilient.

Give the gift of protection

The Changemaker

The Changemaker

Challenges the status quo with unconventional thinking, changes systems and turns ingenious ideas into practical actions.

Give the gift of ingenuity

The Purifier

Fills homes and lungs with fresh air, makes cooking cleaner, creates freedom to pursue opportunities and conserves natural resources.

Give the gift of freedom

The Health Giver

Makes water run pure, vanquishes germs, stops disease in its tracks and grows bonny babies with brighter futures.

Give the gift of health

The Dignifier

Kicks indignity into touch, turns waste into wealth, makes a healthy profit from poo and creates cities fit for people.

Give the gift of dignity

The Nourisher

Grows big and bountiful harvests, fills children’s bellies with healthy food and helps farming families make a profit.

Give the gift of nutrition

The Acclimatiser

Helps families stay together, creates opportunities despite the climate challenges, turns survivors into thrivers and builds futures full of promise.

Give the gift of opportunity

The Planet Pleaser

Builds farming systems that connect people with nature, gives farmers a living and protects natural resources for future generations.

Give the gift of growth