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A global movement to save lives and livelihoods when floods strike is to enter a second phase - 4 July 2018

A global movement to save lives and livelihoods when floods strike is to enter a second phase.

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Development charity looks for new talent - 22 June 2018

Innovative development charity Practical Action is set to recruit new members to its marketing and fundraising team as part of a transformation of the way in which it communicates and fundraises.

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CBA12 Conference - 11-14 June 2018

Adaptation technologies create opportunities for small-scale farmers. Find out more about Practical Action's participation in the conference.

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The rescuers

One of my (not-so-pleasant) vivid memories, is witnessing overflowing sludge from the septic tank at our home when I  was studying a...
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7 actions to boost small scale green enterprise in Bangladesh

The term “green business” is barely understood by the majority of people, even the business fraternity. There is no clear definit...
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Technology for Development

Why is technology justice central to international development? As history demonstrates, technology provides a catalyst for chang...
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Energy access

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Improved access to drinking water, sanitation and waste services for the urban poor

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Disaster risk reduction

Reduced risk of disasters for marginalised groups and communities


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