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Raise a concern or make a complaint

The process for addressing a concern or complaint may differ based on the type and nature of the issue at hand. To ensure the best possible solution for your concern or complaint, kindly refer to the information provided below.

For matters relating to fundraising

Concerns relating to Practical Action’s fundraising activities and could cover a broad range of matters, including:

  • data protection and privacy;
  • changing contact preferences;
  • updating your details;
  • contact with our fundraising team; or
  • questions about our fundraising appeals


Go to fundraising queries and complaints

For matters relating to conduct

It is required that all employees and representatives of Practical Action adhere strictly to our policies and procedures. We expect nothing less than exceptional work, delivered to the highest standards, for everyone and at any location.

Practical Action firmly believes in safeguarding the well-being and dignity of every individual, across the entire organisation, by actively working to prevent exploitation, abuse, criminal activity, and discrimination.

Policies and procedures encompass a wide array of issues, ranging from mismanagement and criminal activity to fraud, terrorist activities, or failures in health and safety.

We recognise that unforeseen circumstances can arise, and it is of utmost importance to us that any person have the ability to express their concerns or file complaints in a secure and confidential manner. We want to hear about your experience so that we can learn from it and improve things. You can be confident that any concerns or complaints you have will be treated with the utmost seriousness.

To raise a concern or make a complaint about any conduct related matter, please use the details below.

A complaints procedure icon with a globe on an orange square.


Raise your complaint via our independent online service

A white phone icon on an orange square representing a complaints procedure.

by Phone

Call our independent service

An email icon on an orange square for a complaints procedure.

by Email

Raise your complaint via email

A letter regarding the complaints procedure, enclosed in a yellow envelope.

by Letter

Raise your complaint in writing

By email

Fundraising concerns:


Why is there a different email address for fundraising concerns?
Our supporter services team is best placed to handle concerns relating to our fundraising practices, and will offer you the most efficient response.

By letter

In the UK:

Please address your letter to ‘CEO Complaints’, at the below address;

Practical Action
The Robbins Building
25 Albert Street
CV21 2SD

In any of our operating countries:

Please address your letter to ‘Country Director – Complaint’, and use the most up-to-date address for the regional office from our Contact Page.

By phone

Fundraising concerns:

Telephones are answered UK office hours Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, 24 hour message service available

Independent reporting line:

Country Telephone Number
Kenya +254 800 221 364
Nepal +977 1800-091-0105
Peru +51 800 78117
UK +44 800 086 9962
Zimbabwe +263 503 495 9859 (reverse charge number)
Bolivia * A: +591 800-101-110 (English) / 800-101-111 (Spanish)
T: (844) 955 1644
Senegal * A: +221 800–103–072 (English) / 800–103–073 (French)
T: (844) 955-1644
Telephone line is not available. Reports can only be made via the online reporting tool.


* = Bolivia and Senegal require 2 stage dialling to be completed to reach a communication specialist, this is due to the country not having a direct free phone line. For each call made the following steps must be taken:

  1. Dial “A” (Access Code) number to get through to an automated switchboard.
  2. When prompted, enter “T” (Telephone Number) for your country.
  • How are complaints dealt with?

    When a concern is raised the individual will receive acknowledgement of receipt, normally within five working days. All complaints received will be passed to the Chief Operating Officer and Head of International Operations. If the complaint relates to either of these individuals, the complaint will be directed to the Chief Executive. If the complaint relates to the Chief Executive, it will be directed to the Chair of Trustees.

    Practical Action will then make preliminary enquiries to decide whether a full investigation is necessary. If a full investigation is necessary then, depending on the nature of the complaint, concerns will be either:

    • Investigated internally (delegated to management or trustees appointed for that purpose)
    • Referred to the donor for that project
    • Referred to the appropriate external person (for example the external auditors, the police or health and safety executive) for investigation.

    To allow full investigation, information regarding the complaint may need to be shared with other internal or external parties. Where appropriate, and subject to legal or other relevant constraints, Practical Action will inform the individual of the outcome of preliminary enquiries, investigation and action taken within 28 calendar days.

    If misconduct is discovered as a result of an investigation under this procedure the organisation’s disciplinary procedure will be followed, in addition to any appropriate external measures.

  • What if an individual is unhappy with the way Practical Action has dealt with a complaint?

    If an individual is unhappy with the outcome of an investigation, Practical Action would prefer that, where possible, the individual pursues their concern with the person who responded to their complaint in the first instance. If the individual is still not happy they may wish to raise their concern with an external organisation, such as a recognised Health and Safety body, the (relevant country’s) Tax office or Police.

For more information:

Telephone +44 (0)1926 634 400 or e-mail us at [email protected]

(We will respond within two working days. Telephones are answered UK office hours Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, 24 hour message service available)