Energy that transforms

Harnessing the transformational power of clean, affordable energy and reducing avoidable deaths caused by smoke from indoor stoves and fires.

The power of ingenuity

Almost three billion people don’t have clean, safe cooking facilities and close to one billion people don’t have access to the electricity that could power their progress, improve their health, education and opportunities to earn a better living.

That’s why we’re innovating in clean cooking and energy solutions, including solar and water powered electricity generation, often delivered through independent mini-grids.

We’re bringing together rural communities, displaced people, energy providers and decision makers to put sustainable, clean energy solutions to work for the people who need them most.

We do not accept that millions of us may not gain access to
affordable electricity or clean cooking for at least another generation – if at all.

In Depth

Poor People's Energy Outlook - New Release

PPEO 2019 is the culmination of five years’ research, exploring what it takes to realise the kinds of energy services that enable people living in energy poverty to thrive. The report compiles and updates key messages and recommendations on energy access planning (PPEO 2016), financing (PPEO 2017) and delivering at scale, while also leaving no one behind (PPEO 2018).

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PPEO 2018 Summary Report

Briefing paper summarising key findings and recommendations from the Poor People’s Energy Outlook (PPEO) 2018 report. In this edition of the PPEO, we explore six case study programmes from various geographies and across the clean cooking, decentralised electricity and grid extension sectors to consider how best to achieve universal energy access while also leaving no one behind.