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Policy Paper (677 kB)

ARE Position Paper: Women and Sustainable Energy

Achieving universal access to clean electricity is crucial to human development, as electrification not only provides li...

Policy Paper (849 kB)

PPEO 2018 summary report - Achieving Inclusive Energy Access at Scale

Briefing paper summarising key findings and recommendations from the Poor People's Energy Outlook (PPEO) 2018 report. In...

Report (425 kB)

The Energy Situation in Goudoubo Refugee Camp, Burkino Faso

This paper, one of a series developed by the MEI consortium partners, has been written and edited by Practical Action Co...

Policy Paper (773 kB)

Renewable Energy Enables Climate Change Adaptation for Smallholders

This policy brief supports Practical Action's 'Planting for Progress' campaign, which focusses on our work with smallhol...

Fact Sheet (819 kB)

Renewable Energy: Climate Change and Carbon Funding

A look into climate change and the displacement of carbon using methods such as the Global Environment Facility, the Cle...

Policy Paper (982 kB)

Accelerating access to electricity in Africa with off-grid solar - Policy Paper

Rapid expansion of the market for solar household systems requires an appropriate policy and regulatory framework. Compa...

Case Study (119 kB)

Wind Energy in Bangladesh

Renewable energy practices in Bangladesh....

Case Study (1 MB)

Cook Stoves in Sri Lanka

Renewable energy practices in Sri Lanka cook stoves....

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