Poor People’s Energy Outlook

The Poor People’s Energy Outlook series (PPEO) was launched in 2010 to shine a light on energy access from the perspectives of the poor. The series challenges the energy sector’s focus on energy resources, supply and large scale infrastructure projects; emphasising instead that it is energy services which matter most to poor people, and that decentralised approaches are the best way to achieve universal energy access.

By drawing on the realities of energy-poor people, the PPEO series has been hugely influential in re-framing the energy access narrative. As a result of the PPEO’s awareness-raising of energy poverty and access issues, Practical Action co-designed the SEforAll Global Tracking Framework which is now the global standard in measuring levels of energy access.

“This progressive report moves beyond seeing energy as an access issue to a service-based definition focusing on end-uses of energy to achieve real impacts.” 

Ben Garside, IIED

Poor People’s Energy Outlook Series publications

Report (6 MB)

Poor People's Energy Outlook 2018: Achieving Inclusive Energy Access At Scale

PPEO 2018 examines six case study programmes across the clean cooking, decentralized electricity and grid extension sect...

Report (7 MB)

Poor People's Energy Outlook 2017, Financing National Energy Access: A Bottom Up Approach

The 2017 edition of the Poor People's Energy Outlook (PPEO) considers how to best finance national integrated energy acc...

Policy Paper (4 MB)

Poor People's Energy Outlook 2016

The Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2016 provides pioneering new research into energy access planning from the perspectiv...

Book (2 MB)

Poor People's Energy Outlook 2014

The 2014 edition of the PPEO looks back at three years of analysis and innovative approaches to defining energy access a...

Book (7 MB)

Poor People's Energy Outlook 2013

The third edition of the PPEO series focuses on energy for community services. This report builds on our evidence base a...

Book (8 MB)

Poor People's Energy Outlook 2012

The 2012 report, 'Energy for earning a living', was designed to act as a catalyst for a movement for change on energy ac...

Book (2 MB)

Poor People's Energy Outlook 2010

The first PPEO presents the perspective of those living in energy poverty and those for whom energy access has been life...