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Practical Action’s decades of experience in helping people on the front line of climate change adapt sustainably to the new challenges they face has never been more relevant, nor more necessary. In 2022, we will continue to build on the momentum for change amongst global leaders and the public at international events that address man-made climate change, loss of biodiversity and inequality. We will help to unlock the finance, expertise alliances and action that is needed to address these global challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that the triple-threats of climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality are interconnected and that they continue to disproportionately impact the most vulnerable people in the least developed countries.

Practical Action joined the global effort in 2021 to bring about changes despite Coronavirus by actively contributing and leading key events in the run-up to COP26. As official observers at COP26, we amplified the voices of the people we work with, and shared what we have learned from those who are already adapting to extreme climate events. We now continue to engage with the UK presidency and incoming Egyptian presidency, plus other key stakeholders to prepare for COP27.

There was positive movement from COP26 but not nearly enough and there is still much more to do, in a closing window of opportunity. However, the world has now arrived at a positive tipping point, in terms of public support and increased momentum for the type of systemic change that is essential.

We will continue to connect with grassroots communities, governments, the private sector, civil society and international organisations to help build cohesive solutions that benefit people and the planet. Together, we will convene, host and engage with high level events that address the needs of communities on the front line of the climate emergency and we will demonstrate that by putting people at the heart of decision making, that a better future is possible.

Where to find us in 2022-23

We’re planning to keep the momentum from 2021 going – look out for Practical Action colleagues hosting, co-hosting or directly engaging in key events across the year. Keep checking this page for more details as they’re confirmed. 

Sustainable Energy for All Forum (SE4All) 2022

Kigali, Rwanda / Online
17th – 19th May 2022

The 2022 SEforALL Forum is the landmark global gathering bringing people together to take stock of progress, showcase success and identify solutions to achieve faster, broader gains towards sustainable energy for all. It serves as a platform to broker new partnerships, spur investment, address challenges and drive action towards realizing SDG7, to end energy poverty and advance a just energy transition in every corner of the world. Delayed for over two years due to Covid-19, this year’s event will be pivotal in accelerating action. Practical Action’s energy experts will be attending, and co-hosting a key session.

SHEAR at EGU General Assembly

Vienna, Austria / Online
23rd – 27th May 2022

SHEAR’s cutting-edge research aimed to enhance the quality, availability and use of risk information and early warning systems. As the programme draws to a close, we will be attending the European Geosciences Union (EGU) annual meeting in person for the first time since 2019. EGU is the leading organisation for Earth, planetary and space science research in Europe, and we’ll be sharing key learning outcomes from the last five years about connecting science to urgent humanitarian needs.

Practical Action Consulting has been working alongside a range of partners in the Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience (SHEAR) programme since 2016, which has carried out innovative research, in some of the most hazard-prone parts of the world, to better understand and forecast disasters, and minimize the risk they pose to vulnerable communities.


Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt / Online
7th – 18th November 2022

COP27 (27th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will be the final key moment of 2022. The focus will be building on the progress made at COP26 by increasing the ambition of countries’ commitments to tackling climate change, ensuring a rapid scale up of resources to tackle the emergency in the poorest countries and ensuring this reaches the people and communities already hit hardest by climate change.


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  • Past Events

    Market Systems Symposium

    9th – 19th May 2022

    Practical Action are proud to be an Official Collaborating Partner of MSS2022, a leading industry event that convenes market systems thought-leaders and change-makers from all over the world. This highly engaging, virtual platform will enable dialogue and debate, and identify collaborative actions. Practical Action will be convening key stakeholders to identify how market systems can bring positive change at scale for communities impacted by climate change and sharing knowledge on our unique approach of Participatory Market Systems Development (PMSD). 


    Humanitarian Energy  Conference (HEC) 2022

    Kigali, Rwanda / Online
    16th May 2022

    Practical Action are proud to co-host the second Humanitarian Energy Conference (HEC), together with NORCAP (The Norwegain Refugee Council) and GPA (the Global Platform for Action on Sustainable Energy in Displacement Settings). The conference will bring together experts from across the energy and humanitarian sectors, to take stock of progress on humanitarian energy through critical and informative discussions on achievements and lessons learned. Practical Action’s energy experts will be attending, and showcasing solutions that work in three key sessions.


    Middle East and North Africa Climate Week 2022

    Dubai, UAE

    28-31 March 2022

    This was one of a series of regional climate weeks organised by the UNFCCC. It provided a platform for Governments, INGOs, private companies and financial institutions to enhance climate action by discussing challenges, opportunities and through highlighting effective solutions. Members of our Sudan team attended MENA to showcase the impact of our work in Darfur. We demonstrated how it is possible to help people adapt to a changing climate and even reverse desertification with the right approach, and we called upon donors, the private sector and civil society to work with us to take it to scale.

    To find out more about our climate change adaptation work in Darfur, click here and here for a brief on our work in Community-based land and water management for adaptation at scale in Sudan.

    Renewable Energy for Refugees Conference

    London, UK / Online
    17th March 2022

    Starting in 2017, working with refugees and host communities in Rwanda and Jordan, Renewable Energy for Refugees (RE4R) has provided energy access to improve their quality of life, build livelihoods and strengthen their economic independence. Delivered in partnership between Practical Action and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, supported by the IKEA Foundation and in collaboration with Chatham House, Energy4Impact, and the Norwegian Refugee Council, Re4R has helped refugees and the communities that host them access the energy they need to power their homes, businesses and communities.

    To mark the end of the project, a final conference is being held at Chatham House in London, UK. The conference will bring together leading experts from the humanitarian community, donors and companies to discuss the successes and lessons learned over the past five years, overall progress within the sector and how the transformative power of energy can reshape the humanitarian response.


    Glasgow, Scotland/Online
    1-12 November 2021  

    The focus of this conference was on increasing the ambition of countries’ commitments to tackling climate change, ensuring a rapid scale up of resources to tackle the emergency in the poorest countries and ensuring this reaches the people and communities already hit hardest by climate change.

    CBD COP15  

    Kunming, China/Online
    11-24 October 2021  

    This conference focused on increasing the ambition of countries’ commitments to tackle the triple emergency of climate change, inequality and loss of biodiversity.

    Adaptation Futures 2021 

    New Dehli, India/Online
    4-8 October 2021  

    This conference was organised by TERI. Practical Action shared our experience from South Asia, highlighting how community centric nature based solutions can build climate resilience.

    Regenerative Agriculture Hub

    14, 16 & 22 September 2021

    This was a multi-session event that aimed to accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture, in partnership with IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative.

    World Water Week

    23 – 27 August 2021

    The first session of the week was “Informal sanitation workers and city-wide services”. The second session was “Climate-resilient farming through solar technology … barriers to scale?” This discussed how solar powered irrigation can help smallholder farmers adapt to their new climate reality and what barriers prevent taking this work to scale. 

    London Climate Action Week

    26 June – 4 July 2021  

    The first event of the week was in partnership with WWF International and Oxford University exploring the significance of Non-Economic Loss and Damage. The second event was in partnership with Action Aid, Christian Aid and Stamp Out Poverty, which highlighted the need to invest in the planet and how to do this via a new global social contract.

    15th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change

    14-18 June 2021  

    This conference demonstrated the importance of engaging with communities and highlighted the impact a people-focused “bottom-up” approach to development can have.