Practical Action’s decades of experience in helping people on the front line of climate change adapt sustainably to the new challenges they face has never been more relevant, nor more necessary.

We continue to build on the momentum for change amongst global leaders and the public at international events that address man-made climate change, loss of biodiversity and inequality. We will help to unlock the finance, expertise alliances and action that is needed to address these global challenges.

The triple-threats of climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality are interconnected and continue to disproportionately impact the most vulnerable people in the least developed countries.

We will continue to connect with grassroots communities, governments, the private sector, civil society and international organisations to help build cohesive solutions that benefit people and the planet. Together, we will convene, host and engage with high level events that address the needs of communities on the front line of the climate emergency and we will demonstrate that by putting people at the heart of decision making, that a better future is possible.