Online: 14, 16, 22 September ‘21

Regenerative agriculture is the key to our future.

It increases soil carbon, biodiversity and climate resilience. It improves water quality, regenerates the land and provides good livelihoods for farmers.

More companies and farming organisations are taking regenerative agriculture seriously than in the past. Many are now seeing it as an essential strategy to achieving net zero commitments and offering an alternative to unsustainable, intensive agriculture.

However, challenges remain regarding how to bring regenerative agriculture to scale. The process of transitioning from conventional agriculture to regenerative agriculture within supply chains is only now starting to be more widely explored. Questions remain about the strategies that work, the costs involved, the partnerships required and the inclusion of smallholder farmers.


Where to find Practical Action?

Practical Action, in partnership with IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative – is hosting a series of three online events. These events will explore the specific challenges and opportunities of implementing regenerative agriculture in the Global South.

Session 1: Tuesday 14th September

Closed session (invite only)

The session will explore the challenges of implementing regenerative agriculture at a project level. The discussion will be rooted in ‘on the ground’ experience exploring case studies.

Best for: Project managers


Session 2: Thursday 16th September

Closed session (invite only)

This session will ask how you build regenerative agriculture into companywide strategy. It will explore how to take learning from one project and build it into the overarching company strategy and the tools needed for this.

Best for: Senior level sustainability professionals


Session 3: Wednesday 22nd September

Open session 

The final session will ask how we can achieve scale and develop public and private partnerships that deliver regenerative agriculture across whole sectors.

Open for a wider stakeholder group including representatives from government, finance institutions, a range of private sector organisations, and NGO

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The journey to COP26

 This event is a vital staging post on our journey to the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow this year.

Practical Action will be an official observer at the talks. We’ll use examples and research from our regenerative agriculture projects to work with negotiators from the Global South.

Together, we’ll strengthen their arguments against intensive farming techniques, and make the case for putting regenerative methods at the forefront of the global response to climate change.


What will this event offer you?

 The event will create a shared space for companies to share experiences, discuss what works and what doesn’t and develop new approaches and strategies to overcome challenges.

You’ll also have the chance to build your contacts in the industry and be part of a cohort of regenerative leaders in the agriculture sector.

IDH’s plan for COP 26

IDH has volunteered to convene the Smallholder Support Technical Deep Dive due to our long-standing experience working in complex commodity supply chains.

We’re interested in ensuring an outcome from the G2G dialogue that’s rooted in the reality of the challenges faced on the ground and delivers a systemic change in commodity production that’s inclusive of smallholders. We also bring expertise in blended finance to the table.

Firstly, through our catalysing smallholder finance facility IDH Farmfit Fund.

Secondly, through our knowledge of improving landscape and sourcing area governance to help lift barriers of access to credit and information, faced by millions of smallholders.

The desired outcome of this work is to reward farmers for being climate and forest guardians.

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