Making cities in developing countries cleaner, healthier, fairer places for people to live and work

Cities that work for all

The population of urban slums and settlements continues to grow, with the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable often overlooked.

Lives are at risk from a lack of clean water services and inadequate and unsafe sewage and refuse management.

We’re working with communities, municipalities and utility companies to deliver sustainable sanitation, water and waste management services.

Together we’re improving hygiene practices and protecting the health, safety and dignity of poorly paid waste workers.


We challenge the idea that poor people should have to live in squalor. We’ve pioneered solutions that can help change cities for good.

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Creating the working conditions for health, dignity and opportunity

This policy brief has been produced based on a study titled ‘Waste and Sanitation Workers’ Working Condition, Occupational Health and Safety, Wages, Livelihood and Exclusion’, under the ‘Dignifying Lives: Inclusive approach for socioeconomic empowerment of informal waste and sanitation workers’ project, funded by the European Union.