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Our Aims

For a world that works better for everyone

Our ultimate goal is a world that works better for everyone.

A world where smallholder farmers can earn a decent living while working in harmony with the environment. Where parents can cook nutritious family meals without risking their health. And where businesses, schools and clinics have the electricity they need to help their communities succeed.

We’re working towards a world where people in slum communities and refugee camps live in safety and dignity. Women entrepreneurs have the confidence and the skills to build profitable businesses. And people on the front line of climate change can adapt to the challenges of extreme weather and thrive.

The communities we work with face significant challenges. The effects of climate change, environmental degradation, and the ongoing pandemic make this a critical time. But we see the opportunities for positive change and we know that our goals are not only achievable, but have never been more relevant.


For people

We’ll improve lives and futures

Our work remains grounded in the realities of people living in poverty. Our starting point will always be focused and ‘small’ – building a deep understanding of what already works at a local level, and what could be improved.

We work with local communities, especially women and marginalised people, empowering them to unlock their potential and improve their lives, livelihoods and futures.

For the planet

We’ll respect ​nature’s ​boundaries​

Our development approaches are designed to work with and for the environment. The natural resources that many communities rely on are increasingly under threat.

Wherever possible our solutions are planet friendly, deploy renewable resources, and reuse resources in innovative ways. Because we know that it’s possible to design solutions that benefit both people and the planet.

For big change

We’ll collaborate to change systems

We might start small, but we’ll always think ‘big’, analysing the factors that can change the underlying systems and identifying where we are best placed to effect change.

We then convene and collaborate more widely – with governments, international organisations, and increasingly the private sector – to help take proven solutions to the next level of scale and sustainability.

By 2025 our work with partners will have improved ​the lives of 6 million people living in, or vulnerable to poverty. We will contribute to ​nine of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.​ Our work on systems change will have positively impacted a further 20 million people.

Our Four Key Aims


Farming that works 

We refuse to believe the only future for food production is an agricultural system that destroys the planet and keeps farmers trapped in poverty.

We promote the use of agroecology with the aim of:

More farming that works

Electricity and clean cooking

Energy that transforms

We do not accept that millions of us may not gain access to affordable electricity or clean cooking for at least another generation – if at all.

We’re bringing rural communities, displaced people, energy providers and decision makers together to find sustainable, clean energy solutions so that:

More energy that transforms

Water and waste management

Cities fit for people

We challenge the idea that poor people in cities and refugee camps should have to live in squalor.

We’re helping to make cities in developing countries cleaner, healthier and fairer places for people to live and work. We aim to:

More cities fit for people

Climate change and disasters

Resilience that protects

We’re appalled by the fact that the people who pollute the least are the most affected by climate change.

We’ll continue working with communities to make climate resilience a way of life so that:

More resilience that protects

Tackling the world’s biggest problems

We help people find solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems – made worse by underdeveloped market systems, catastrophic climate change and persistent gender inequality. Explore more of our work in these areas below.