Farming that works

Making agriculture work better for struggling smallholder farmers, so they can adapt to climate change and achieve a good standard of living.

Farming for people and planet

More of the world’s people rely on agriculture for their survival than any other occupation. But three quarters of the world’s poorest people are farmers, confirming that agriculture simply isn’t working for the vast majority of them.

We help people build farming systems that connect nature (climate, land, water, plants and animals) with people (culture, economics and society). Agroecology can enable smallholder farmers to achieve a decent standard of living, whilst protecting the environment and building natural resources.

This offers a sustainable alternative to intensive agriculture, with the potential to transform the lives of millions of families.


We refuse to accept the only future for food production is an agricultural system that destroys the planet and keeps farmers trapped in poverty.

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Renewable Energy Enables Climate Adaptation for Smallholders

This policy brief supports Practical Action’s ‘Planting for Progress’ campaign, which focusses on our work with smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe. Despite providing a significant proportion of the world’s food supply, smallholders are often the most vulnerable to climate change. However, by combining conservation agriculture methods with solar-powered irrigation technologies, it is possible for smallholder farmers to not only survive, but thrive.