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Policy Brief

Agricultural adaptation to climate change

Poor and rural communities in developing countries are among the worst affected by climate change. Most people living in...

Policy Paper (10 MB)

Coffee Agroforestry: Transforming a vital agricultural sector for a conservation and development ‘win-win’ in Peru

The objective of this paper is to promote collaboration in policy and planning between business-oriented agriculturalist...

Policy Paper (4 MB)

Scaling up Agroecology Through Market Systems

To eradicate extreme poverty means focusing on the 500 million smallholders so they can reliably generate more food and ...

Report (1 MB)

Small ideas transforming rural lives and livelihoods

Transforming rural lives and livelihoods in river eroded areas of Bangladesh - case study of Ryutaro Hashimoto Award (AP...

Case Study

Coffee agroforestry as a win-win solution in Peru

Coffee is the second most popular drink globally and the most important agricultural commodity in Peru. The unpredictabi...

Case Study

Community-based land and water management for adaptation at scale in Sudan

Changes in the reliability and intensity of rainfall add stress to farming systems already under pressure from populatio...

Case Study

Bio-dykes: Working with nature to reduce flood losses

The Terai plains in Nepal are inhabited by indigenous communities farming soils enriched by annual floods. Climate chang...

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