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Meet the supporters choosing a better future now

By Practical Action On 12.01.2022 Climate changeBlog

We’re working with climate pioneers around the world who are living in communities facing the worst effects of climate change. Together, we’re developing solutions that mean they’re adapting and thriving in the toughest of conditions.

We can all make positive choices that can make a difference to people at the sharp end of the climate crisis. In this post, we celebrate the amazing actions our supporters are already taking to choose a better future now.

Team Webb Yates are supporting the climate pioneers

“Our teams set out to achieve continuous movement for eight hours to raise money for Practical Action. Participants tagged each other in and out to keep the movement going by cycling, running, skating, and swimming, to mention just a few activities. Our event was a huge success and we managed to raise £2,924. We’re chuffed!”

Thank you so much to everyone at Webb Yates Engineering for your support. We hope you had fun!

The Rebel Riders are raising awareness

“A group of twelve of us ‘Rebel Riders’ cycled from Brighton to Glasgow for COP26. Our aim was to raise awareness of the climate crisis and vital funds for climate action. On the way we visited renewable energy projects and community projects to do with climate change, and we held pub quizzes every night to meet communities and spread the word. Our goal was to arrive at Glasgow with a really good idea of the grass roots action happening across the country – not just the ‘blah blah blah’, but what people are actually doing.”

The Rebel Riders cycled an average of 60 miles a day for nine days to reach the climate conference, spreading the word about climate change as they went. On the way, they also raised an incredible £3,486 for Practical Action and two other charities. Thank you Rebel Riders!

Esther is becoming a climate pioneer herself

“Following your suggestion that we try to create our own keyhole gardens, here’s mine – with rocket, bush beans and spring onions all growing brilliantly. I like it so much I might build another one!”

Keyhole gardens are a sustainable agriculture solution that climate pioneers in Zimbabwe are using to grow vegetable crops. We were thrilled to see that our supporters have been inspired to make their own. It’s a practical way to grow crops in any climate, including Britain’s. Well done Esther!

Join the pioneers

Are you feeling inspired? Help us get 2022 off to an amazing start by choosing a better future now.

See what can be achieved when we join together to build a climate resilient future, in a world that works better for everyone.