Annual Report and Accounts


Big change starts small 


1. Introduction

A warm welcome to a year of change by Helena Molyneux and Paul Smith Lomas.

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2. Our community of support

Our powerful community of support is a dynamic team of generous donors, alternative thinkers and bold partners, standing together for a world that works better for everyone.

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3. Energy that transforms

Close to one billion people don’t have the electricity that could improve their health, education and opportunities to earn a better living.

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4. Farming that works

We’re making agriculture work better for struggling smallholder famers, so they can adapt to climate change and achieve a good standard of living.

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5. Cities fit for people

We challenge the idea that poor people should have to live in squalor. We’ve pioneered solutions that can help change cities for good.

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6. Resilience that protects

We work with people to adapt their lives to a changing climate and put plans and systems in place to predict natural hazards and find ways to minimise their impact.

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7. Financial affairs

Summary of income and expenditure

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Notes on financial statements