Practical Action Eastern Africa Regional Office has been delivering technology as its niche in the region for over 25 years. Throughout the period, we have leveraged best practices learnt that yield high impact at scale into our programmes.


Exploring energy alternatives for households

Practical Action knows that a cleaner kitchen environment means health and wealth for households and the greater community

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Our work

We deliver our work through three goal areas; Universal access to energy, Food security, agriculture and disaster risk reduction, and Urban water, sanitation and waste management services. In addition to these goal areas, we have three cross-cutting themes: Gender and social Inclusion, Climate change and Market systems development.

Universal access to energy

Increasing access to modern energy services for cooking, lighting, communication and productive uses for poor households in Eastern Africa

Practical Action believes that poor people require small appropriate technologies to fundamentally change their lives. Currently in East Africa, over 81% of the population lives without access to modern energy services, and less than 40% of people in urban areas have access to electricity. That number falls to a mere 5% in rural areas. Increasing access to energy through ...

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Food security, agriculture and disaster risk reduction

Scaling up community resilience to disasters resulting from impacts of climate change 

Eastern Africa’s core competencies primarily focus on protecting the capital base (livestock for household food security), natural resources management, livelihoods diversification and disaster risk reduction (mainly droughts, conflicts and livestock diseases). Through our Food Agriculture Disaster Risk Reduction (FADRR) Programme we seek to establish productive and disaster resilient systems for food and livestock production...

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Water, sanitation and waste management services

Increasing access to water, sanitation and waste management services in urban areas

Eastern Africa has experienced rapid urbanization with the majority of the urban population living in slums and informal settlements. The population living in slums and unplanned areas in Eastern Africa is estimated at 60%. By 2017, it is expected that about 78 million people will be living in cities and towns in Eastern Africa, the region’s population reaching 131.5 million by 2030. Unless drastic action is taken...

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Where we work

Practical Action Eastern Africa's work is spread across the region with offices currently in Kenya and in Kigali Rwanda

Regional and field office addresses

Practical Answers

Our technical information service offers free downloads of practical information on a range of development topics.

We also have a technical enquiry service where anyone working in poverty reduction, or on small-scale technology projects, can ask a question and receive a response from our local experts free of charge


Practical Action Consulting Eastern Africa (PAC EA) takes lessons learned from the work of Practical Action and deliver projects to clients across Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland, covering key issues such as renewable energy, climate change and market development.

Case studies

Case studies illustrate the work of Practical Action in Eastern Africa:

We also have an extensive archive of case studies and news reports from past projects


Practical Action Eastern Africa has published a wide range of books and documents based on our work, including annual reports, technical briefs and project findings.

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Contact us

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