Putting ingenious ideas to work in


To help people in one of South America’s most vulnerable countries reach their potential.


A land of contrasts


Most Bolivians live in towns and cities that are vulnerable to floods, droughts and freezes. Meanwhile, smallholder farmers living in rural areas struggle to live off the meagre yields of their farmland – almost a third of them living in extreme poverty.

We opened our office in Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, a decade ago. We were already active in the country through our consulting work as Practical Action Consulting.  Through this work, we’d clocked up ten years of experience working on projects relating to energy, local governance and disaster prevention.

We centre our work on the most urgent needs of disadvantaged rural groups. Some of the most pressing of these relate to disaster threats, scarce livelihoods and very limited access to basic services such as clean water and electricity.

Our activities are developed alongside local partners, as well as with the support of the alliances and agreements established with state organizations, producers’ associations, and cooperatives.


Bolivia straddles an active fault line, which results in frequent floods. A precarious situation for an already poor country.



We work in close collaboration with the Bolivian Government to support the implementation of their regulations around disaster risk management – evidence that the ingenious solutions we put to work in communities are gaining wider recognition.


Funding Partners

Funding partners for our work in Bolivia include:

  • European Union
  • Christian Aid
  • Jersey Overseas Aid
  • Christadelphian Meal a Day
  • Embassy of Denmark
  • International Development Research Centre