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To help refugees rebuild their lives with sustainable energy.

A country with neighbours in need of help


Small, landlocked and with a population of nearly 12 million people, Rwanda is a densely populated east African country. Most people are farmers and agriculture is the mainstay of the country’s economy. The current Government has focused on political stability and economic growth. This has seen substantial improvements for the people but more still needs to be done.

Our HQ in Rwanda is in Kigali, the country’s capital located in the centre of the country.

In the last 20 years, political instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi has led to over 150,000 people leaving these countries and settling in refugee camps in Rwanda. The Rwandan Government and aid agencies work to provide basic services for people in these camps, but everyday life is still a struggle and access to electricity is scarce.

The focus of our work in Rwanda is on helping people living in refugee camps to access sustainable energy so that they can rebuild their lives and break their reliance on aid.


The population of Rwanda is rural and young – about 43% of its people are under 15. Nurturing and inspiring this new generation is vital.


Energy that transforms

Lack of access to energy stops refugees from being able to rebuild their lives and keeps them reliant on aid. The average displaced household will spend at least $200 per year on fuel, which amounts to $2.1 billion each year worldwide.

We’re working with local partners and the Rwandan Government to help refugees access finance, training, technology and expertise to facilitate renewable energy that can power homes, schools, health clinics and businesses. This clean, renewable energy is powering lighting, cooking and power tools and appliances, allowing entrepreneurs to flourish and move from reliance on aid to economic independence.

In Rwanda, we’re working with 50,000 refugees in the Kigeme, Nyabiheke, and Gihembe refugee camps. These refugee communities are Congolese and have fled the civil war and internal conflict. In three years’ time, we expect there to be total energy access within the refugee camps and surrounding host communities.


We’ve been awarded the Zayed Future Energy Prize in recognition of our pioneering approach to renewable energy and sustainability.


Funding Partners

Funding partners for our work in Rwanda include:

  • IKEA Foundation


Energy for refugees

Sustainable energy can bring light and hope to the world’s poorest communities.  That’s why we’re supporting people living in refugee camps to access sustainable energy so they can rebuild their lives and break their reliance on aid.

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