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Give the gift of dignity


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The Dignifier e-gift kicks indignity into touch, turns waste into wealth, makes a healthy profit from poo and creates cities fit for people.

The Dignifier will help make cities cleaner and healthier places for more people living in urban slums and low income communities; with clean drinking water, refuse and sewage safely managed, and safety and dignity for poorly paid waste workers.

Your gift can help:
Waste pickers in city slums stay safe and earn a dignified living
Toilet pit emptiers do their work in safety and with the respect of their communities
Informal waste workers have a say in how waste and sanitation services are delivered
People living in refugee camps and slums get access to proper sanitation services

The Dignifier will fund our transformative work in cities around the world. Looking for another city-inspired gift? Take a look at The Health Giver or go back to see the full Wish List.

After purchasing this gift you will receive an email with a link to a downloadable gift certificate, which you can either email or post to your loved one. The certificate tells them all about the work you have supported in their name and how we’ll use the donation from your e-gift to help ordinary people living in extraordinary circumstances change their lives.