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Without basics like electricity, life is put on hold

In Rwanda’s refugee camps, a lack of access to safe, affordable energy means that people are unable to light their homes, run profitable businesses or feel safe after dark. It’s a situation that leaves people dependent on aid.

Emergency power services from humanitarian organisations may be sufficient for a few weeks, but long-term support for refugee communities is often overlooked.

The media focuses on the immediate problems of people fleeing conflict, but those people often have to live in camps for years, sometimes decades, after the cameras have left.

How long can we expect people to put their lives on hold for?

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Clean energy turns a shelter into a home and a vision into a business

We’re working with refugees and host communities in some of Rwanda’s largest refugee camps. The potential that electricity can open up is enormous. Lighting, mobile phones, tools, and appliances enable camp residents to live and do business, moving from reliance on aid to economic independence.

The results have been transformative for camp residents like Chantal (pictured).

I feel safer in the camp after dark now that we have streetlights. I can keep my clothes stall at the market open later so my business is more profitable. We have a solar light system at home too and my children’s school grades have improved because they’re able to study in the evening.

Your gift will help take more lives off hold and build brighter futures.

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We’re working with refugees and host communities in some of Rwanda’s largest refugee camps. With affordable solar-powered energy, people are able to power up their homes and businesses and take their lives off hold…

Mugabo - Taking a life off hold

Accessibility and Health

Mugabo has a disability that makes it hard to get around camp. Before streetlights were installed, I felt anxious walking to the toilets after dark and tried not to leave my home after nightfall. These days, Mugabo joins his friends for evening walks along the well-lit streets.

Jimmy - Taking a life off hold

Jobs and Businesses

Before I had access to electricity, it took me a long time to cut someone’s hair, so I didn’t get many customers says Jimmy, a barber in a Rwandan refugee camp. Now that Jimmy has an electric shaver, he is busy all day and people no longer have to leave the camp to get a quick, high-quality haircut.

Divine - Taking a life off hold

Education and Potential

Divine loves learning new things and is determined to do well in her education. But by the time she got home from school it was already too dark for her to do homework. With a solar light in her home, she now has more time to study. My grades have improved and I’m more confident about my future.

Jackline - Taking a life off hold

Safety and Security

Jackline used to rush to get home before it got dark in camp. I feared being assaulted or robbed if I was out alone at night. New streetlights mean that she now feels safe after dark. Her newfound security means she feels comfortable extending her shop’s opening hours, boosting her income.

A black man wearing a blue shirt screwing a lightbulb into a hanging socket

I’m proud to be able to help people in my community get connected to power so they can move on with their lives.

Bienfait, Technician and refugee camp resident

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Let’s build a world that works better for everyone

Imagine a world where agriculture and cities enhance the health and wellbeing of both people and planet; where clean energy transforms lives, creates job opportunities and enables productive, profitable farming; where secure incomes are possible and climate resilience is a way of life and a core part of national policies.

You can help create these changes – starting with the small steps that make big transformations possible. Every gift makes a great impact. Thank you for being a changemaker.

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You decide how much you’d like to give and how often – either a regular monthly gift or a single donation.

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