Transform the lives of sweepers in Bangladesh


Donate now to help make the lives of sweepers in Bangladesh safe and dignified. Thank you.

Here's what your gift could do:

  • £45 could help provide essential safety wear, including gloves, a face-mask, and safety boots for a sweeper.
  • £75 could help provide a non-motorised gulper so that sweepers can empty septic tanks without touching the hazardous faecal matter.
  • £150 from you and 17 other supporters could help provide a transporter to take human waste to a processing plant.
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Imagine that your job is to climb inside pits of human waste and empty them using only a bucket and a barrel. Sometimes you are submerged neck-deep in the filth; your eyes and lungs burn from the toxic gases. Because of the shame people associate with your job, it's badly paid and you mostly work at night, so that means you are not seen.

This is the reality for hundreds of waste pit emptiers, or 'sweepers', in Bangladesh. They are rejected by their community because the job is considered repulsive and endure dangerous working conditions where the risk of injury and illness is high. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Typical emptying method
Sanitation worker

Our work is already improving the working conditions and pay of sweepers in the municipality of Faridpur.

We've introduced safer working practices, protective clothing and specialist equipment; and have collaborated with groups of sweepers and the local authority to secure fairer pay and better working conditions.

This practical solution transforms a dangerous, undignified job into a profession of which sweepers and their families can be proud.

By giving a gift today, you could help us bring long-term, life-changing benefits to many more sweepers across four neighbouring municipalities - Rajbari, Magura, Meherpur and Laksham.

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