Light up a school





In northern Malawi, there’s a school in a village called Usingini where the pupils love to learn. But something is stopping them: a lack of light. During the rainy season, the classroom is often gloomy and dark. Their teacher can’t see to teach and because there are no lessons the children go home. If only they could flick on a light. But they know their remote village will never be connected to the national grid. Thanks to a rushing river, things are changing.


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How harnessing a river’s energy can help school children flourish

We’re working with local engineers and builders to harness the power of the Zulunkhuni river. We will divert 60% of its flow to a micro-hydro power scheme to generate electricity – and transform the community’s lives. With light in the classroom all year round, children can learn to read and write. At last, they will get the education they deserve.

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“When we have electricity, the children will be able to stay at school to study.
The children really want to learn, but they’re being held back.”

Jennifer Sichali, Teacher