Climate Change

Climate change is having a hugely detrimental impact on people in the developing world…who contribute least to it.

These videos give examples of the impact of climate change on communities and how Practical Action is helping them adapt to it in a variety of ways.

The effect of climate change on farming

A Bangladeshi farmer talks about the effect climate change has had on his crops.

Impact of flooding – Samedul Islam

A rickshaw van puller from Bangladesh discusses the effects flooding had on him and his family.

Impact of flooding – Nazmul Islam

A development worker discusses the effects of flooding on farmers in Bangladesh.

Beat the flood

When you live in a flood-prone area having somewhere safe to live, which will survive a flood, is important. In this video Ortis Deley looks at how people in Bangladesh have considered the different properties of materials to determine which are the right ones for the job, and how that has changed their lives for the better.

Mainstreaming climate change adaptation

Stories from a mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation  project with Zimbabwe’s Agricultural Extension Services.


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