Join Practical Action and Scala Radio to build a climate resilient future, in a world that works better for everyone

Be part of our plan for a better future, now.

We’re working with people like Emmanuel, living on the front line of climate change, to pioneer innovative solutions to their biggest problems.

But climate change won’t wait. We’re at a fork in the road and unless we change the status quo, more communities in Kenya, and around the world, will see their land damaged by drought or floods, their crops fail and their environment destroyed.

Join us in standing alongside the climate pioneers as we prepare for more extreme weather, adapt to the changing climate reality, and reuse and replenish the earth’s finite resources.

Find out more about our work and learn how together we can enable more people like Emmanuel build climate resilient futures, and pioneer solutions that benefit millions more.  

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“In the training I had through Practical Action, I learned new farming techniques that save me money by reusing waste materials. Now my farm is profitable and I’m sharing my knowledge with other young people so they can start their own successful businesses.”

Emmanuel, a farmer in Kisumu, Kenya

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