Turning a ‘dirty’ job into

A fresh opportunity


Everyone does it – but what happens to poo if there’s no sewage system? In Bangladesh, the waste is a big problem, ending up in tanks or pits. For workers like Rafique Sheikh who empty them, it’s a hazardous job with poor wages. In a district called Faridpur, we’ve developed ingenious solutions with the authorities and waste workers. It’s not only revolutionising waste management, but the lives of people like Rafique too.


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Make a living out of poo

We’ve worked alongside Rafique and his team in Faridpur to tackle this filthy problem. Together we’re cleaning things up, by developing better de-sludging equipment, such as hand pumps and vacutag trucks. Now the waste is disposed of at treatment centres, so it’s safer and healthier for everyone. Workers like Rafique have joined together and set up as a formal business, so they can all benefit from the better conditions and wages.

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“Because of the vacutag truck, we don’t stink anymore. We are all a bit better because of the truck.”
Idris Mollah, Faridpur, Bangladesh