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Payroll Giving

Give to Practical Action directly through your pay

If you’re a UK PAYE (Pay As You Earn) taxpayer, payroll giving allows you to give a monthly donation to Practical Action directly from your gross salary, provided your organisation is registered with a Payroll Giving agency. Payroll Giving (which is also known as Give As You Earn, GAYE, Workplace Giving and Giving Through Your Pay) is a tax efficient way for you to support our work.
Your donation is deducted from your salary before tax and the Inland Revenue passes the tax relief to Practical Action.

Why payroll giving?

As your donation is made before tax, the amount you pledge to us will actually cost you less! Here is how your donation may look if you decide to support us through payroll giving:

Pledged amount Actual cost to donor (20% tax rate) Actual cost to donor (40% tax rate) Actual cost to donor (50% tax rate) Charity receives
£5 £4  £3 £2.50 £5
£10 £8  £6  £5 £10
£50 £40  £30  £25 £50

How will my payroll gift help?

Regular donations are vital in helping maintain hundreds of our life-changing projects every day; they give us the confidence to plan ahead. By knowing we can count on future income, it means we can plan more projects to help lift more women, men and children out of poverty, for good.

How do I set up payroll giving?

This is something that needs to be set up by your HR department, to come from your pay.
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