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Sustainable energy can bring light and hope to the world’s poorest communities.  That’s why we’re supporting people living in refugee camps to access sustainable energy so they can rebuild their lives and break their reliance on aid.

The Challenge

Refugee communities in Jordan and Rwanda need energy to power their homes, schools and health clinics. Families need it for earning an income, for cooking and studying. Yet, in most refugee camps, electricity is scarce and expensive. The average displaced household will spend at least $200 per year on fuel, which amounts to $2.1 billion each year worldwide.

Lack of access to energy stops refugees from being able to rebuild their lives and keeps them reliant on aid. That’s where our sustainable energy projects come in.

“I believe that if there was electricity in this camp my business would grow. That would mean better opportunities for me and my son. I would be able to pay for him to get a good education and have a brighter future.”

Chantal – Tailor, Gihembe refugee camp, Rwanda

The Ingenious Solution

Working in partnership with UNHCR and supported by the IKEA Foundation, the Renewable Energy for Refugees project will help refugees and their host communities access finance, training, technology and expertise to facilitate renewable energy powering homes, schools, health clinics and businesses, enabling refugees to flourish and move from reliance on aid to economic independence.

We’re working with 10,000 refugees in Irbid, Jordan. Those set to benefit from the project are predominantly Syrian and have fled the civil war in their own country. Many now live with local families. They face high unemployment and low job prospects.

In Rwanda, we’re working with 50,000 refugees in the Kigeme, Nyabiheke, and Gihembe refugee camps. Refugee communities are Congolese and have fled the civil war and internal conflict. There is currently very little energy infrastructure.

  • We’re helping to bring clean renewable energy to refugee communities, for lighting, cooking and powering tools and appliances
  • Renewable energy is powering homes, schools, health clinics and businesses.
  • This electricity will allow entrepreneurs to flourish and move from reliance on aid to economic independence
  • We’re supporting refugees and their host communities to access finance and training, which will help them make the most of the electricity and use it to support their families and businesses


“The thing that makes me strong is getting an education. My favourite subject is biology. When I grow up I would like to be a medical doctor, because around here I see people who have health issues, and I wish to help them.”

Kirakunda – 16-year-old student, Gihembe refugee camp, Rwanda

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Please select how much you'd like to give, as a monthly or single gift. Your support will fund our work in poor communities all around the world.