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Crucial Work Completed Amid Continuing Conflict

By Practical Action On 17.05.2024 Sudan Crisis 2023Water & wasteNews

Practical Action staff and villagers in Darfur have come together to complete the construction of a dam, despite ongoing fighting in the region.

The dam will enable thousands of people to enjoy better harvests and more nutritional food by capturing water that would normally run off the land and evaporate.

Instead, the water will be used to irrigate huge swathes of land which would otherwise be unproductive.

The low-lying dam stretches for hundreds of metres and includes a weir that a local water committee can use to enable them to control the flow of water onto the land.

The construction has been severely hampered by difficulties caused by the conflict in Darfur, but despite numerous delays and setbacks it will be available for use during the forthcoming rainy season – expected between June and September this year.

Muna Eltahir, Practical Action director for Sudan said: “In the face of growing unpredictability of rains and the threat of famine caused by conflict, the dam will provide local communities with a guaranteed water supply and a much better chance of providing themselves with a reliable source of food.

“I have seen a number of videos where our staff and the community come together to celebrate the final construction of the dam. Their joy demonstrates just how crucial our work is in enabling people to survive and thrive.

“It also is a vivid example of why it is absolutely vital that we continue to work in Sudan, addressing the day-to-day and longer term needs of people who are having to cope with the horrific challenges of a civil war and climate change.”

The community leader* in the village the latest work was completed said: “The work of Practical Action is unique, unlike other organisations who are just distributing food and walk away. Practical Action is increasing our production through providing inputs and knowledge.

“Practical Action is sustaining our dignity through supporting the food crops and rescuing our income stability through backing cash yields”.

*We have not named the village or individuals for security and safety reasons.