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Energy expert calls for greater focus on women and young people

By Practical Action On 20.03.2024 EnergyInfluence & ImpactNews

Practical Action’s West African energy lead, Kadija Simboro, has called upon leaders and experts around the world to create more targeted opportunities to combat climate change.

Kadija spoke to delegates at the 10th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue on March 20 and shared insights from Practical Action’s work, which have empowered young people and women to create businesses and markets which encourage people to switch to using modern, renewable energy.

Her speech highlights the immense potential they possess in shaping a sustainable future.

Kadija said: “Recognising the importance of gender equality in achieving sustainable, affordable, and clean energy access is crucial if we are to achieve energy access for all.

“To do so, we need women to play an active role, leading and creating opportunities, rather than just being beneficiaries in projects.”

For more information on the dialogue, please visit Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue’s website.


Kadija was also able to share aspects of our work in Burkina Faso with Robert Habeck, the Federal minister for Economic Affairs & Climate Action, Germany. See some of that interaction in the video, below.

Promoting gender equality in sustainable energy: kadjo simboro, energy thematic lead, advocates for women's active participation in the renewable energy sector. #betd24 #acceleratere.