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Sarah Roberts discusses the hot topic ‘Everything we do must be climate resilient’

By Practical Action On 18.01.2023 FarmingPovertyNews

Practical Action CEO Sarah Roberts recently featured in The Daily Star in Bangladesh discussing a hot topic: ‘Everything we do must be climate resilient’.

During a conversation with The Daily Star’s Tanjim Ferdous, she shared various innovations that we’re currently taking in Bangladesh as well as its future plans for the country.

Sarah talks about our Pumpkins Against Poverty work in Bangladesh, and explains

Back in 2005, they were really looking at the transitory char land area. So, you know, these areas where productivity was very high. We managed to double incomes over over the course of that period. So hugely impactful for the people that live there. But what astounded me really was then how it had spread. And that’s what we really hope to see it Practical Action. So now, Pumpkins from those areas are being sold, I believe in 17 regions and 6 overseas markets. So we’ve got some international trade there. And apparently 100,000 people are now involved in that.

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