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Bringing the voices of communities on the front line to the climate talks

By Practical Action On 08.11.2022 Climate changeCOPSustainable Development GoalsNews

Practical Action is attending the COP27 talks as an Official Observer over the next two weeks to ensure the voices of the people we work with are heard at the negotiations.
Climate experts from Africa, South Asia and the UK will be there to showcase good practice and demonstrate where climate finance should be spent.

They will be reaching out to donors and governments so that funding for adaptation to climate change reaches those who need it most.

A woman smiling at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh 2022.

Akinyi Walender (Pictured), Africa Director for Practical Action said:

“I am attending these talks because the communities we work with need to be represented.

“This is a unique opportunity for us to amplify their voices and help governments of poorer nations provide evidence from the ground about the damage climate change is causing and what is needed to help people adapt to it.

“Communities on the frontline of climate change have been adapting to the impacts of climate change for a long time. With their experience and knowledge, they already have solutions we must learn from, and we should take to scale.

“We therefore need to boost their capacity to respond with the right tools, skills and opportunities so they can adapt in a more effective and timely way and we can ensure adaptation is sustainable in the long run.

“Practical Action has vast experience working with communities and we know how to bridge the gap between those with finance and influence and those for whom the climate crisis is a stark reality.

“If you are a donor or a business with an interest in helping people adapt to climate change,  talk to us!”

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