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Breaking the Bias on International Women’s Day

By Practical Action On 14.03.2022 GenderBlog

Here at Practical Action, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day and the theme, #BreakTheBias with our teams around the world.

Christine is one of the Drivers in our Rwanda team. Here she shares her experience as the only female Driver in the team, and sends a message of encouragement to other women on International Women’s Day 2022.

“Not many women are in this job and some people question whether a woman can drive. They wait to see if I can really drive!

“When I applied for the job there were 20 other candidates, all male. I want to tell women not to have fear, she can do everything that I did. No need to be scared.

“During the practical part of the interview I went to put the car in reverse but I accidentally put it in first gear and went forward. I asked if I could come back after all the other candidates had left. When I came back I had a second chance to drive nicely and I got the job.  I am proud to hear people say ‘Christine is a good driver’.”

“When I drive to the refugee camps the children who live there are surprised to see me, they say ‘eh, it is a woman!’ If I get chance to talk to them I tell them that you can do this too and help support your families.

“In my experience, a good NGO thinks that a driver can change anything and I am proud to do something good for Practical Action. Everyone has something they can do to bring change.”

Positivity, generosity and an appetite to tackle the status quo. Christine – you are SO Practical Action! Thank you for being part of our global family.