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Practical Action recognised for outstanding collaboration in Latin America

By Practical Action On 03.09.2021 ElectricityProjectsSustainable Development GoalsPress release

A project that will improve the education of hundreds of thousands of children in rural Peru has received a Sustainable Development Goal award.

The Brighter Futures improves the provision of clean water, electricity and information technology in schools by linking the Peruvian Ministry of Education, local authorities, the private sector and international funders.

The work was recognised on Friday, August 27 when it received the PODS Prize for strategic collaboration leading to the achievement of the SDGs.

Practical Action staff and partners will work with eight schools in the highland Puno region and another eight in the rainforest Amazonas region. All are located in areas too costly to be reached by national networks

Local management committees, including parents and teachers, will operate and maintain energy supplies and connectivity, sanitation, information and communication technologies to power up the schools.

The knowledge and training created by the community and the project team will be passed down and the school curriculum will incorporate environmental education, with a focus on circular economy and renewable energy to ensure the work is as sustainable as possible.

Due to the pandemic and the increasing importance of remote learning, educational apps in native languages will be available for children in indigenous communities throughout the country who need access to education.

Practical Action regional director for Latin America Alicia Quezada said: “Drawing from our experience in schools and energy, Brighter Futures is set to be a landmark project for the country as it ensures children not only the right to education but the joy of learning in an environment that is safe. We are working for children to have a place where they can flourish, where their dreams become possible, and where they can play and enjoy every day.”

The award was announced in the “Perú Sostenible” (Sustainable Peru) event, which highlights remarkable contributions to the sustainable development goals at a national level in 5 categories: People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Alliances.

The Brighter Futures project is funded by the Old Dart Foundation, won in the Alliances category. This category highlights work that sparks collaboration between two or more organisations, where each plays a key role.

Brighter Futures in numbers

  • 700 children in 16 schools will directly benefit from the Brighter Future project.
  • 225,000 more children will benefit from the provision of online education apps.
  • 4 educational apps have been developed: Inlena (pre-school), Colena (communication), Malena (mathematics) and Castellaneando (Spanish).
  • The National Strategy to be developed with the project will benefit schools from 29 provinces and 84 districts, located in border areas where 1 million and a half inhabitants live from 39 indigenous or native populations.