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Rugby Art Gallery and Museum joins local charity to combat climate change

By Abbie Wells On 04.03.2020 Climate changePress release

A photo exhibition illustrating how people around the world are being helped to adapt to the devastating effects of climate change has been launched at the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum.

Entitled ‘Turning the Tables on Climate Change’, the exhibition shows how people’s lives and livelihoods have been affected, how they are preparing for future disasters and how they are changing the way they live and work to survive in the new climate reality.

From building dams to conserve rainwater, to planting seeds that are better suited to dry climates, the images show how Rugby-based Practical Action is helping people use ingenious solutions to help them change their world.

Andrew Heath, communications manager for Practical Action, said “The exhibition really shows how, with the right approach and combination of ingenious solutions, people can adapt to climate change. For example, in Darfur, we’re helping people overcome civil war, desertification and drought.

“This clever approach has been tried and tested around the world and by supporting this work you could help thousands of farmers coping with devastating climate change and I’d like to thank Rugby Gallery for this fantastic opportunity to showcase the work we do.”

“We’d really encourage the people of Rugby to come and see this fantastic exhibition and to contribute to our current appeal.  Your gift will be used to help farmers in Darfur re-green swathes of desert and improve their harvests. This will help people turn the tables on climate change around the world.”

Practical Action’s images support a wider exhibition at the gallery entitled ‘Fool’s Gold’ which invites visitors to engage in conversations around consumerism, the environment and the climate crisis. The exhibition will be available to view at Rugby Gallery until 15th March.

Schools have also been invited to take part in hands-on workshop activities linked to the exhibition. Students can explore a range of packaging and disposal products (ranging from teabags to aluminium drinks cans) and make a timeline of how long they think the products would take to decompose if ‘thrown-away’ rather than recycled.

They carry on their learning with a True or False game about recycling before learning about the importance of rethinking how things are made and the importance of recycling. The workshops have been designed by Practical Action’s in-house education team and can be booked by calling 01788 533224.

Mark Pawsey, MP for Rugby said: “I’m a huge supporter of Practical Action and their work is really transforming the lives of some of the people most affected by the impacts of climate change. The exhibition images are very powerful and the people of Rugby should be incredibly proud that a local organisation is doing such amazing work. I hope they raise lots of money for their appeal.”

For more information or to make a donation, please visit

There is more information about the main exhibition here: