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‘Including real-life contexts in science teaching’ by Practical Action

By Julie Brown On 17.04.2019 Influence & ImpactBlog

I did it!! I wrote an article that has been published in the Association for Science Education’s journal School Science Review.  It felt like an honour to be asked, and did take a while to do (I struggled a bit with all the Harvard indexing system LOL) but it was worth it in the end.

I hope that as a result of being published, more teachers around the world will read my article Including real-life global contexts in science teaching’  and will use our Practical Action Schools materials and the materials of other like-minded organisations to deliver science/STEM in their classrooms through a global lens.

As well as highlighting resources, the article explores the potential benefits and importance of this approach, both for increasing student engagement in science and for the future of our planet.

Quotes from the article include:

‘When you think of engineering you think of things like cars, but from today I know there are more parts to engineering, like using it to help people…and not only men can be engineers but women too.’ Caitlin, Pupil at Tudor Grange

‘We have learnt a lot more about the impact of plastic on people around the world as well as the environment.’ James, Pupil at Culloden Academy

‘I think this ( a STEM Challenge) is fantastic. It’s a practical application and really easy to run. Great that it is set in a real-world context that the kids can relate to. I’m thinking we could use it for a CREST Award.’ Hannah Grey, Assistant Head Teacher, Langley School

Association for Science Education