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Promoting Trans-border Early Warning System in South Asia: Practices, Challenges and Prospects


Floods spread across trans-border in South Asia. There exist early warning systems within the countries at national and community levels and some practices of exchanging flood information at cross-border level. However, on trans-border scale, systematic evaluation of such community based cross-border flood EWS is lacking. Lessons from existing initiatives, though in small areas, can help scale up and scale out disaster risk management at trans-border level. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the institutional and operational challenges and constraints of EWS across borders such that it can be made further effective. This paper tries to explore opportunities and constraints for more effective flood EWS at trans-border scale and bring information to the notice of the policy makers in the region.

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Collections Disaster Risk Reduction Influence and Impact
Issue Date 2018-10
Format Case Study
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