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Practical Action has been using appropriate technology to help people in the developing world for more than four decades. Within Practical Answers section of this site you will find a knowledge bank of these technologies so that you can take them and replicate them. If you can’t find what you are looking for you can ask a question through our technical enquiries service. More information

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Featured Articles


Bicycle Trailer Hitch

  • fact sheet
  • English

This is a simple design for a bicycle trailer hitch that can be made in a local workshop from a small quantity of...

Dr David Poston , Published by Practical Action on 07/01/14


Delivery Model of Wood Gasifier Stoves in Sri Lanka

Instead of burning the fuel-wood with a complete combustion to generate heat directly, a wood gasifier stove, which...

  • English,
  • fact sheet

Energy Demand and Resource Assessment Study in Medadumbara Divisional Secretariat, Sri Lanka.

This brief report summarizes the grassroots-level energy demand and resource assessment study that was carried out...

  • English,
  • fact sheet


Time and Distance will not matter now….

In a diverse and vast nation like India, 68.7%of the population inhabits rural areas (Source Worl...
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