Energy access transforms lives

Despite the availability of technical solutions, 1.3 billion people are still without any form of electricity and 3 billion people still cook over open fires.

Practical Action provides practical power: renewable, locally-sourced sustainable energy solutions which lift people out of poverty.

  • Energy enables people to work their way out of poverty.
  • Energy provides better access to education and other basic services.
  • Energy improves health and wellbeing, especially for women and children.

Practical Action’s energy projects provide...

  • access to electricity (via solar, wind and micro hydro power)
  • more efficient stoves that require less fuel and generate less smoke
  • more job opportunities for local people

Practical Action is committed to Total Energy Access, because we know from our work on the ground that energy is a powerful solution to poverty.

Poor people's energy outlook

The Poor People's Energy Outlook is an annual Practical Action publication drawing links between energy access and earning a living in poor countries around the world. The most recent report is available to download.

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Energy solutions

Sustainable energy technologies

Fireless cooker

The "fireless cooker" uses stored heat to cook food over a long period of time. A simple basket, insulated with banana leaves or old clothes, can reduce fuel use by 40%.

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Biogas from animal waste provides a free, sustainable source of power all year round, and a useful fertiliser for farmers

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Micro-hydro power

Micro-hydro power is a renewable, indigenous and non-polluting resource for the small-scale generation of energy using falling water.

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Small-scale wind power

Converting wind energy into electricity is clean, renewable and sustainable. Practical Action has developed reliable and cost effective wind energy systems to help meet electrical energy needs.

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Smoke hoods

Sheet metal smoke hoods are cost effective and efficient, reducing indoor smoke levels by up to 80%.

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Solar-powered water pumps

A solar-powered water pump that uses locally-sourced equipment can pump 30,000 clean litres of clean, safe water every day.

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