Climate change

It is the world’s poorest people who are hardest hit by devastating droughts, floods and other extreme weather events. This is a massive injustice – climate change is caused by the world’s richest countries.

COP20 UN Climate Change Conference 2014

As governments meet in Lima for the UN climate change talks, Practical Action is calling for them to support adaptation for vulnerable communities.

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Around the world, Practical Action is working in different ways to tackle both the causes and effects of climate change, including

  • Working with communities to reduce their vulnerability to the disasters made worse and more numerous by climate change, and to help them adapt to the longer term challenges which a changing climate pose.
  • Working with other organisations to share our learning of what works well and what can be done to make programmes of work with poor communities even more effective.
  • Working with national and international bodies around the world to create and strengthen policies which reduce emissions and encourage funding and focus on adaptation to climate change.
  • Working with schools and teachers to encourage the delivery of effective, exciting climate change lessons which engage today's young people in the issues of climate change, creating a generation of global citizens who understand the impact of their actions on the environment and people around the world.
  • Launching and supporting campaigns designed to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities, and enabling them to take tangible action to support strong and urgent change at the local, national and international level.

Practical Action recognised as leading example of action against climate change at COP20

For the second year in a row, Practical Action has received a UNFCC Lighthouse Activity award. This year, Practical Action was recognised with others in the Zurich Flood Resilience Program for an innovative initiative that aims to save the lives and livelihoods of poor and vulnerable communities by preventing floods from becoming disasters.

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