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    Faecal Sludge Management in Odisha; The new sanitation challenge

    Healthy communities are the outcome of effective sanitation practices. Life and livelihood of people largely depends on their health and hence, sanitation holds a major role in it. Thinking beyond toilet, it’s time to ponder about treatment of the human waste and reuse it for the betterment of environment and a healthy life. As per the Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP 2011) India contributes to 58 per cent of the world’s population defecating in the open. And according to last census […]

    Making up time on Loss and Damage

    Paris agreement status
    This week the world passed a benchmark when the 56th country submitted documents of ratification for the global climate change agreement that was signed in Paris in December 2015[1]. This was a significant step and raises the likelihood that the Paris agreement will be ratified in advance of the next global climate gathering in Marrakesh, Morocco in November 2016. One of the significant achievements (aside from it actually being passed!) was the inclusion of Article 8 on Loss and Damage. […]
    Colin McQuistan

    September 23rd, 2016

    Interlock: access to energy in rural India

    Terrence McKee, CEO of Interlock, writes on the organisation’s innovative approach to tackling the issues of poverty and rural-to-urban migration. Read how their alternative development strategy is providing clean and reliable energy to rural India and improving the health of the poorest communities. To lift millions of people out of poverty and to avoid migration to cities, the development of rural economies is of key importance; in this regard the access to energy is a critical component. Solar energy is […]

    Pumpkin Producers Association-marketing platform of extreme poor

    Recently, I was in Rangpur, met some of our colleagues (includes partners) and had opportunity to discuss about the associations our pumpkin producers established. This piece is based on information and insights of that discussion. Since 2009 years, Extreme Poverty Programme has been working with river eroded community to support their livelihood and empower them economically. As such, pumpkin production in a sandy land is one of the solutions that has been helping them to move out of poverty. However, […]
    Mokhlesur Rahman

    September 19th, 2016

    Empowering women in pastoral communities in Sudan

    LESP livestock training Gadarif
    Practical Action has established associations for pastoralists in Gadarif to help improve livelihoods. Financed by the banks, these associations offer vaccinations and other health care benefits from the Department of Livestock and control of epidemics in Gadarif.  There are more than 70 such associations. The project, working in collaboration with the livestock department, has intervened to raise women’s awareness of how to raise and care for animals. Three training courses have been completed in the region, each with 15 women attending. These women have been trained on […]
    Fatima Mahmoud A/Aziz

    September 18th, 2016

    The first instalment of “A Google free month” – ask nicely

    Google Emma Bell
    Do you remember the movie Sliding Doors? The one that asks the question ‘what if she never caught that train?’ A colleague and I were exchanging ‘what if’ questions recently and I told her my favourite ‘what if’ was ‘what if Coca Cola was never invented?’ I started outlining my current theory which includes a lot of yoghurt-based drinks like India’s Lassi or Turkey’s Ayran. My colleague told me her dad’s favourite ‘what if’ was ‘what if there was no […]
    Emma Bell

    September 9th, 2016

    Livestock Epidemio-Surveillance project in East Sudan

    map sudan
    The three states of eastern Sudan – Kassala, Gadarif and Red Sea – are among the poorest in Sudan.  Chronic poverty and food insecurity are widespread. More than two thirds of the region’s population live in rural areas and just over a third of poor households in these states keep livestock. Despite Sudan raising more than 15 million livestock in 2012, this sector remains severely under-developed. Once of the main problems in the sector in Sudan, and Eastern Sudan in particular, is the high prevalence of […]
    Bahga Galal

    September 8th, 2016

    Juliet – the water entrepreneur

    “I’m so glad that Practical Action didn’t look down on me like everyone else. They picked me up and dusted me off.” Juliet lives in Kajiado, Kenya and Practical Action supported her by helping her to access a loan to start up her own water business. Juliet no longer has to struggle to earn a living by making charcoal which was back-breaking and dangerous work. In the mountains and forests where she used to burn charcoal to make her hand-to-mouth […]
    Andy Heath

    September 7th, 2016

    What makes people resilient?

    Layli Begum from Char Saidabad
    Insights from a flood vulnerable community in Sirajganj As interest in resilience gathers momentum on the international stage, the need to address the question what do we understand by resilience becomes more important. To explore this question I recently visited flood victims in Sirajganj, Bangladesh. Layli Begum from Char Saidabad trained as a volunteer on primary health care as part of Practical Action’s From Vulnerability to Resilience project.   We visited her house when the flood water receded to find her busy making repairs. “After 20 days […]
    Anwar Hossain

    September 6th, 2016

    The Great Bangladeshi Bake Off!

    The Chronicles of Nadiya
    On Wednesday night one of our brilliant projects in Bangladesh was featured on BBC One in the much anticipated ‘Chronicles of Nadiya’ a two-part series featuring Great British Bake Off champion Nadiya Hussein. Nadiya travelled to Islampur village, Sirajganj in the north west of Bangladesh and met two of our beneficiaries – Zohurul and Hamida who have benefitted from our project helping people to adapt to the effects of climate change. Sirajganj is a highly flood-prone part of the country. […]
    Abbie Wells

    September 2nd, 2016