Pupils research infectious diseases then design and build a model of a hand washing device for a school in Kenya

Communicable diseases are a global problem and cause millions of deaths each year.

Stop the spread is a STEM challenge which enables pupils aged 7-14 to research the problem then use their STEM and communication skills to design a hand washing devise and education materials for a primary school in Kenya.

The design challenge: Working as a team pupils design, build and test a model of a hand washing device that can capture and dispense water for hand washing.

The research and communication challenge.  Pupils find innovative ways to communiate the problems cause by the spread of disease and the importance of hand washing to primary school pupils in Kenya.

This challenge can be easily adapted to support understanding of COVID-19. It’s perfect to reinforce a lesson on both microbes and forces or as a STEM club, transition or British Science Week activity.  It is accredited for the CREST award scheme and can be used as a project for the Big Bang Competition.