Food Preparation and Nutrition - GCSE

Food choice, provenance and sustainability

This new set of resources have been developed to support teachers to deliver the new Food Choices, Provenance, Security and Sustainability units within the new Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE courses. The materials are suitable for each of the exam board requirements and are presented in a series of Power Point presentations and student activity sheets.

COMING SOON - Food Security and Sustainability resources.

Food Choices

A presentation to support students understanding of Food choices.

Food Provenance

A presentation to support the teaching of Food Provenance.

Food Choice...what affects our choice of food?

This great activity helps introduce students to identify what affects their choice of food as consumers.

Food Provenance

A worksheet to capture learning on food provenance and food miles.

To support the teaching of Food Security and Sustainability issues, have a look at the videos, links to inspirational case studies and other recommended resources.

Video clips

These videos look at how food producers in developing countries grow and transport their food to increase their food security.

Practical Action's videos - Food security.

Links to case studies and resources

Case studies to inspirational stories of global food security projects from Practical Action's work in developing countries.

Technical Food and farming briefs that are packed with information on food production and processing tips to increase global food security.

Global Goal 2 - Zero Hunger - display materials and information of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including Global Goal 2.

Sustainable Food companies - links to food manufacturers with sustainable credentials.


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