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Informing Farmers

In Nepal, educating dairy farmers on keeping cows healthy and increasing productivity of smallholder farmers is helping boost rural livelihoods.


Finished Project

The Challenge

For rural farmers in Nepal, keeping their dairy herds healthy and producing enough milk to make a profit is a constant struggle, with the high cost of milk reducing competitiveness within the industry.

  • Lack of access to better breeds and inefficient husbandry methods mean the cows don’t produce much milk for farmers to sell.
  • A limited knowledge of more nutritious animal feeds and little access to vet services makes it harder for farmers to keep their cattle healthy.
  • With no support to find better production methods or to market their produce farmers are unable to increase their income.



“I am investing 7-8 thousand rupees per month in taking care of the cattle. With the increased income I am planning to send my 2 daughters who just completed the secondary school exam to a good college.”

Mina, Madhyabindu

The Ingenious Solution

Our complete approach is supporting 5000 farmers from the ground up by increasing their knowledge, and improving their livestock and feed to produce more high quality milk. This makes it easier for them to sell their produce and increase their income.

  • Increasing access to improved breeding services, including artificial insemination to help farmers improve the genetic stock of their cattle.
  • A new network of 50 animal health workers provide veterinary services, advice and demonstrations on animal care.
  • 100 forage seed multipliers have been developed, increasing local access to more nutritious animal feeds which can improve milk production and quality.
  • Farmers have been trained to on how to improve their products and market them, supported by 30 new milk collection centres, to increase their sales and income.


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