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Understanding Urban Poverty: The Economics of Technology Change in Vending Agricultural Products in Peru.


In seeking to understand urban poverty through the lens of technology change and its impact on informal sectors, this paper discusses the field research carried out on street vendors of agricultural products in urban Peru. The paper reviews the economic theoretical approaches of the diffusion and threshold models in the context of the poor informal workers and their role in agricultural technology development. The paper critiques the sensemaker methodology as the technique used for data collection, questioning its overall ability to accurately address the key aims of the research. Furthermore, the existing economic theories are also criticised, pointing out instances where the models prove inadequate for a comprehensive analysis of the research findings. The research findings are appraised in relation to the degree to which they fulfil the central objective of the research and their role in poverty reduction.

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Collections Influence and Impact
Issue Date 2015-09
Format Article
Rights Holders University of Edinburgh