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Technical report on economic impact of landslides in Nepal


Technical report on Economic Impact Assessment of Sindhupalchowk landslides in Nepal in August 2014. This study examines the socio-economic effects of landslides to the particular locality. Landslide has more broader and indirect impacts, which are difficult to calculate and sometimes almost impossible. Therefore, the aim of this study is to bring such broader impacts in discussion and pave the way for the further research work. Understanding the socio-economic costs of landslides helps the governmental officials, policy makers, emergency managers to make more informed decisions on how to provide disaster assistance and relief immediately after landslides, how to allocate money for landslide prevention in future, how to do repair and maintenance work and to estimate the cost and benefit of resettlement program for the landslides victims.

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Collections Disaster Risk Reduction Influence and Impact
Issue Date 2015-03
Format Report
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