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Practical Action Organisational Narrative


As a medium sized international NGO focussed on technology and development we can bring to bear the resources we have to make a big difference in the lives of many people, but we can’t change the whole world on our own. That said, if we have a sense of what we think a different and better world should look like, we can ensure that everything we do works towards making that different world more, rather than less, possible. We can use that vision to condition everything we do - who we raise money from, who we partner, which opportunities we take on and which we reject. We can also use it as a framework or underpinning to ensure there is an overall coherence in the policy lessons we seek to communicate from our analysis of our own work and that of others – our day to day language about how we want to see things change.

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Collections Influence and Impact Technology Justice
Issue Date 2011
Format Policy Paper
Rights Holders Practical Action