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Climate Information Services Toolkit


Practical Action considers CIS to be a tool that can contribute to the realization of our change ambitions when designed and delivered effectively. It is important to bear in mind that the delivery of CIS itself is not our goal, but rather one of several tools that can help us reach our goals.

In order for CIS to be effective in building resilience and supporting food and income security, they need to be designed and implemented in a way that is inclusive and accessible, reaching the last mile; relevant; actionable; holistic; accountable; part of a cohesive system; and which promotes sustainable and responsible practices.

This toolkit will provide Practical Action colleagues with guidance on how to design, implement and evaluate climate information service interventions, drawing on evidence from internal and external experience and research findings. Practical Action recognizes that we have a lot left to learn on the topic and welcomes input and feedback to further our learning around CIS.

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Issue Date 2020-07-22
Rights Holders Practical Action