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Baguio City Gender and Inclusion Study: Findings and solutions to inform the Baguio City Smart Flood Early Warning System


Women and marginalised groups including gender minorities are often excluded from disaster risk reduction policies, strategies, and decision-making due to unequal power relations, gender norms, and gendered socioeconomic inequality. In many locations, early warning messages are less likely to reach marginalised women and other marginalised groups, directly impacting their chance of survival. Baguio city aspires to achieve a truly Gender Transformative Flood Early Warning System (FEWS), in a city and system that protects all, where no one is left behind. The project aims to provide a deepened understanding and analysis of the relevance of gender and inequality to flood risk and Flood Early Warning in Baguio. This report, a Mixed Method Gender and Inclusion Study of flood risk and early warning in Baguio, is the first output contributing towards the development of a Gender Transformative Flood Early Warning System.

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