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Assessing the Performance of the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage Associated with Climate Change Impacts


The WIM is the structure within the UNFCCC that deals with loss and damage policy. There is potential for the Mechanism to include different sub-committees and/or working groups such as the Santiago Network (see Madrid decision or However, as the majority of the WIM-related work to date has been executed by the ExCom, this study specifically evaluates the performance of the WIM ExCom. The research is guided by the following questions: How has the WIM ExCom performed in delivering on its mandate and workplans? How does the Wim ExCom’s performance vary between topics and workstreams? This report uses publicly available data to analyse the WIM ExCom’s performance in addressing L&D as set out in its formal agenda and objectives using three evaluative dimensions: effectiveness, progress, and participation. These evaluative dimensions developed prior to the assessment enable us to provide an overview of how the WIM’s work has progressed, what efforts have been applied, and to what extent it has engaged with relevant stakeholders

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Collections Climate Change
Issue Date October 2021