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Assessing and addressing-climate induced loss and damage in Bangladesh


This working paper is based on a study carried out to improve understanding of, and identify actions to address, climate change–induced loss and damage in Bangladesh. As climate change impacts increase in intensity and frequency, vulnerable countries are incurring accelerating loss and damage. For countries like Bangladesh, developing policies, plans, and strategies to avert and minimize loss and damage to the extent possible and to address loss and damage that cannot be avoided has never been more critical. In this paper we provide policy recommendations for supporting efforts to minimize (or avoid) and address loss and damage from floods at the national level in Bangladesh. This includes scaling up action at the local level and facilitating coordination across line ministries undertaking work relevant to minimizing and addressing climate-related loss and damage. We also highlight implications for efforts to avert, minimize, and address loss and damage under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Paris Agreement.

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Collections Climate Change
Issue Date 08/2021
Format Report